Your health is our #1 priority. Our lived experience as customers is that the supply chain in natural products has very few regulations because it’s not FDA approved*. 

Knowing that, we took 2+ years to interview and hand-select the partners that were eligible to participate in our supply chain. We select partners that:

  • Have undergone a publicly recognized audit protocol for their manufacturing processes (e.g. ISO 9001:2015, cGMP certification, US Food Facility, a pharmaceutical grade clean room, etc).
  • Are purposed-based companies, that identify with the shared ethics of doing what’s right for customers over what’s easy (and sometimes more profitable)
  • Have made a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion in their business operations.

Stay tuned for forthcoming content to meet them!

In the mean time, we've included links to all of our 3rd party lab test results. We've partnered with DB Labs for their ISO 17025 certification that is the gold standard for lab testing in the CBD/Hemp industry. 

*In fact, did you know that the FDA is the only US-body that can determine if something is “medicinal” or not? The word medicinal isn’t trademark-able, or at least it shouldn’t be because it’s an adverb used to describe something, not a proprietary name denoting a specialized, proprietary invention, nor a trade secret. Yet, they own it. That’s a story for another day.