Pet Tincture


Did you know all living things except for insects have an endocannabinoid system (ECS)? This means your pets have one too. 

In our family, we have 2 rescue dogs: Jaxon and Oscar. They both have an ECS, so we designed this CBD tincture for them.

Jaxon has acute stress and anxiety, and Oscar has been on a recovery journey since we adopted him from a dog meat farm that was shut down by DoVE Project in S. Korea. 

Despite having survived difficult origins, both of these incredible pups exemplify happiness in how they approach every day like it’s the best day of their lives. A big part of their on-going healing journey has been a daily dose of our full-spectrum Pet CBD (dosage adjusted for their unique ECS’s). 

It’s our hope that by teaching Pet owners about the ECS, and providing access to resources that can offer support, then they can feel informed to make the right CBD shopping choices for their pets. Our favorite recommendations include: 

If you choose to purchase our Pet CBD, know that a portion of proceeds from your purchase will be donated to DoVE Project. A volunteer-supported 501(c)3 organization working to end the dog meat trade in S. Korea. This pet tincture was a collaborative effort between DoVE Project + Wonderfull. 

Follow along with Oscar’s healing journey on our blog. [Oscar’s Journey blog post coming soon] 

In 2021, Oscar survived intensive spinal repair surgery to repair 6 ruptured discs; an injury that caused hind leg paralysis. Since then, he’s completely recovered, but it’s a daily commitment to his healing journey.   

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