Body Butter 6 (BB6)


There’s the lotion you get for free at hotels, and there’s the luxury of the body butter they use at the spa. This is the after-the-spa kind of feeling. 

How to Use:

While you can use this body butter throughout the day, we highly recommend to use this product after a hot shower, a trip to the spa, after exfoliation, after a foot soak, and to the back of your hands after using harsh cleansers. 

Our body butter is designed with rich, luxurious moisturizing in mind.

There is NO water in our formula. Only moisture-focused, enriching botanical extracts, butters, and oils - making it more bioavailable to your skin to absorb the beneficial properties of each plant-based ingredient.

  • Vegan | Gluten-free | Non-GMO
  • No synthetic ingredients or artificial preservatives
  • No harmful fillers or colorants
  • Made with a whole-self approach (mind/body/soul)
  • All-natural ingredients, prioritizing organic sources where possible (what does it mean if an ingredient isn’t “possibly” organic? Short answer: gmo (genetically modified) seeds mean that a plant isn’t fully, technically organic, though they may be grown using organic farming practices)
  • Ethically made in the USA
    • Our transparent supply chain allows you to know the quality of the ingredients and manufacturing processes of the product you’re putting on your body 

Crude extracts and why it matters

  • Wonderfull is one of the few CBD topical brand to date that uses crude CBD extracts in their formulation, though we expect/hope there are other brands that do this, and we invite more brands to take this approach to offer more comprehensive
  • What’s the Entourage Effect? Why does that matter to product formulation?

We have 3rd party lab tested each of our products. We've selected DB Labs for their ISO 17025 certification as our partner in testing for product efficacy and safety. See our lab test gallery at this link here. If you have any questions about how to read our Certificate of Analysis reach out to us via email or on instagram @thisiswonderfull where we feature regular educational posts about the science of CBD and Hemp. 

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