Trauma can be disorienting for numerous reasons


Trauma can be disorienting for numerous reasons. Perhaps you don’t understand why you have the responses you have. Maybe you think a particular experience wasn’t a big deal, yet it is deeply impacting you. 

Perhaps you feel you’ve done everything you are “supposed” to do to manage the effects of trauma, yet you don’t feel any different. You have given yourself time to heal, gone to therapy, journaled, meditated, exercised, and everything else... Yet these “solutions” don’t feel like they are helping and now feelings of guilt, inadequacy, and shame fill your mind and body. You think, “What’s wrong with me? Why isn’t anything working?”

Perhaps you are in a great place in life, then one day out of nowhere, you feel entirely different and respond as if a traumatic experience from the far past is happening in front of you. You were so sure you completely healed and moved on, now this happens and you have no idea why. 

It can feel disorienting, painful, and defeating to do your best to cope with trauma or think you’ve completely healed from something, yet the impact of the trauma is still present. 

This is completely normal. Healing is a unique and individual process. 
What works "miracles" for one person may do nothing for another. 
There is no best or fast way to heal. It is a process and everyone is on their own journey. 

Yes, there are resources and research that have shown to assist with processing trauma.
However, expecting that these resources and research are guaranteed to heal you quickly is a flawed thought.

Healing is not linear. 
Healing is messy, confusing, and uncomfortable. 
Healing is liberating, empowering, and can offer a deep sense of inner peace. 

However you are healing, if you choose to heal, know that the way you are healing is neither right nor wrong, it is just part of your healing process.

Also, if you are not ready to heal, that is okay too. 
There is no pressure to start your healing. You'll know when you're ready.
If you are never ready to heal, that’s okay.
You know what is best for you💛